Why guest posting is so valuable

Guest posting is probably the best and most effective white hat SEO practice one can use in 2013. It is well known that relevant links have an increasingly high value, that is probably not even new information to most people. A relevant link would be a link from a similar topic website as the site that you want to get ranked in Google. This is clear and well known, however what is less well known, is that the link to your site will be double as valuable if it is also getting links from relevant sites (in the same niche as your). This chain or sequence could go on forever. natural backlink pyramid 300x150 Why guest posting is so valuableSo what you want is basically quality (contextual) links from authority websites that are already ranking for the keyword you want to rank for. If you look at it this way you might already have had the idea that it is a completely natural backlink pyramid, that has a really high value. The links to your site come from sites that have a lot of backlinks pointing to them from other relevant sites in the same niche and so on. This is why the web is semantic and this is why you can always find what you are looking for in Google.
Spending energy and time on great content, but no one is seeing it
The problem is however that waiting for links to come naturally can take forever. Even if you are following the advice of Matt Cutts and creating really interesting content and sharing it everywhere, or even making your own research, the expected links just might not come. This can be really frustrating, if you hired some people to do research for you and write really high quality content but no one is seeing it! This is why Guest Posting is just perfect for you.
Getting some guest posts will get you immediate and interested website visitors from other relevant websites. This is also an excellent signal for Google to move you up on the search engine results page. The important thing with links is again: relevance. I might have said it a few times already and might repeat it some more times, because it truly is essential. Semantics is one way how Google decides whether a links is relevant. Semantics is all about language, meanings and logical connections in the text.
Another way how Google can decide whether a link is relevant is by looking at how many people click on that link and how they behave on your website after clicking that link. If people stay on your website, check many pages and perhaps even share it on social media, then it is a clear signal that the link is relevant and it will be given a high value. On the other hand if almost all visitors bounce, it is not a very good signal and search engines may not value that backlink highly at all.
value of relevant backlinks Why guest posting is so valuable

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